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Obituary for Clotilde Gayle

Clotilde Gayle also known as “Punce,”
“Ma,” “Tia,” “Grandma,” and
“Abuela” was born on January 11,
1927, in Bocas Del Toro, Panama, to
the late Ines Victoria Forcheney and
the late Alejandro Patricio Jones.
She stayed in her native country for the first four decades
of her life. While paying attention to her parents and
siblings, she developed her own sense of ambition and
independence. After giving birth to her six beautiful
children, she migrated to the United States in 1969 with a
determination to create a better life. The thriving state of
New York was her location of choice. She found her space
in the hospitality industry and worked to provide all of her
children the opportunity to legally migrate to the United
Despite all of of her hard work, she also made time to live
her life. She loved family. Her home was the pivoting point
for new beginnings for family members, especially her
grandkids. She always made time to give a cooking lesson
to any one at any time. She was always ready to get dressed
to attend any social gathering that contained food, family,
and friends. Her suitcase was always ready to travel,
whether it be by airplane, train, or bus.
In 1990, she retired and moved to Miramar, Florida.
Although, retired, her job was not done. She continued
caring for the children of an elite family in the South
Florida area. In addition to that, she continued to be

a strong influence in the lives of her grand and great-

On Monday, August 3, 2020, her labor of love on this earth
was completed, and she began her eternal sleep.