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Obituary for Luella Daly-Farage

Luella Silvena Daly-Farage, of Miami, Florida, died on Sunday, September 20, 2020 at Aventura Hospital. She was 78.

She was born on July 27, 1942 in Bethel, Montserrat, the daughter of Jonathan 'Mas Barlow' Daley and Sarah Ann Lee, 1 of eleven children. She attended the Bethel Primary School, the Montserrat Secondary School. She went on to gain her degree and certifications in nursing and midwifery from the University of York, UK.

In 1968, she moved to Canada where upon completing an advanced Nursing Science degree at York University (Canada); setting her on course for a successful 25 year career in nursing and public health. In hospital, she worked in institutions such as Wellesley General, Mount Sinai, and St. Michael's Hospital; as well as serving as the Director of Nursing Director at the St. James Town Health Centre; leading the family and community health practice in one of Toronto's most challenging urban neighbourhoods.

In 1982, she returned to Montserrat and continued her work in nursing, before focusing on family and community health, taking a position with Her Majesty's Government in Montserrat working with colleagues to develop public health policies, and health education programs on the Island, and across the wider region. During this time she also met and married George Farage; completed a Master's in Public Health at the University of the West Indies (Mona Campus), worked tirelessly as part of the government's efforts to bring Montserrat back from the destruction left by Hurricane Hugo, and even ran a campaign for Legislative Assembly in 1992.

She returned to Canada, and front-line medicine, following the passing of her parents in 1994; joining the Ford Motor Company (Canada)'s medical unit as a Nursing Lead, and taking ownership of the company's health education outreach efforts to its ~5,000 employees; which she lead till her retirement in 2004.

She was a proud and active member of many charitable and community organizations including, the Toronto and Miami chapters of the Montserrat Association, the Audubon Society, the Oakville Centre For the Performing Arts, and the Star Lakes Association, to name a few.

Lu was predeceased by her husband, George; her brother Roy, and her sister Ida. She is survived by her son, Jonathan; her step-daughter Celeste; her sisters Elaine, Doris, Flora, Judith, and Verene; her brothers Arnold and Raymond; her step-grandchildren Bryan and Angela; nieces and nephews Lurlene, Egbert; Eric, Elwin, Eugene, Pauline, Eunice, and Ethelyn; Joyce, June, Gilroy, Gary and Grace; Irvin, Shermaine, and Stephan; Marvin, Gareth, Renée, Sheldon and Nathan; Rupert, Leroy and Karen; Kevin and Sharon; cousins Rosalind, Elwin, and Selwin Farrell; Ernest Allen; Henrietta, Rufus, Nellie, Lina, Fred and Charlie Daley; Josephine Parson and family; Wilmoth, Max, Rachel, Yvonne, Elaine, Anne, Lynette, Joyce and the entire Greer family; Adele, Vernice, Vanjie, Josepha, Othniel, Jen, Bernice, Caddy and the entire Fenton family; Dora and the entire Lee family; Carlene, Janet, Ashley, and Kassim Riley - and an extended family, full of love, and to numerous to mention here.

Her 'chosen family' was equally as extensive: Claristine Bramble and family; Glendora and Ariana Silcott; Blondina Howes-Jeffries and Family; Caroll Tuitt and family; Juliet Cessay and family; : Edelyne Jean-Baptiste and family; Claristine Bramble and family; Sonia Hernandez and family, Sonia-Mae Johnson and family, Perley Harte and family, Nurse Irene and Doctor Ronnie Cooper and family; Les & Amy Campbell and family; Lowell Lewis and family; and Doris Francis and family.

Lu was a unique soul. Generous with both advice, her time, her gifts, and worldly goods. Amongst all her admirable qualities, what those who knew and loved her will remember most; her exceptional warmth, extraordinary kindness, unexpected humour, and enduring faith.

She will be greatly missed.