In Memory of



Obituary for Michael Mattox

Our father lived a full life. Adventures in Mexico and the Motherland, sojourns to distant Meccas of music and culture, yet his wanderlust always brought him home with stories and ideas and images to memorialize in mixed media.

Our father lived a full life. A family built and traditions sustained from his first day until his last. Christmases with The Nutcracker and Black History Months with Alvin Ailey’s Revelations, he gave us culture and a curiosity that carries us to museums and compels is to travel

Our Father lived a full life. From Black Nationalist to Church of God Deacon to Samaritan. He cared for the sick and shut in. He visited with friends soon to depart. He opened his heart even when his head said but “Why?”

Or Father lived a full life. His legacy is affirmed in us and through us. His impact will be felt through our generations and his name will live in forever.