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Obituary for Ryan Galvez

On June 1st of 1995, Ryan Joseph Galvez was born in the city of Miami, Florida as the third son of Mario and Lesbia Galvez.
Although doctors said he would have difficulties in life and only live up to 18, Ryan found a way to stay optimistic and never let it get him down. Ryan was an outstanding and inspirational individual. He successfully graduated from Hialeah Senior High School in 2013 and even went on to earning a college degree in computer engineering at Florida Career College in 2016. On his spare time, Ryan played for the Miami Heat Wheels and wound up helping his team become 2015 Division III national champions. Ryan was a man of commitment and true happiness. No matter what it is he wanted, he always found a way to work towards it and he never gave an excuse. Never complained. Always happy to live life. Even now after his passing, I can only think of how happy he would be to know you all gathered here today for him. He was truly the best of us. May you rest in eternal peace our guardian angel. We love you for the rest of eternity Ryan.